Trading Window Closure December 2022

Trading Window Closure June 2022

Trading Window Closure September 2022

BM Intimation TTL AFR March 2023

BM Outcome TTL of AFR March 2023

TTIL Secretarial Report March 2023

TTL Disclosure of Related Party Transaction March 2023

TTL Newspaer Advertisement AFR March 2023

TTL_Trading Window Closure March 2023

BM Outcome_TTL_Conversion of Warrants Sign_30.03.2023

BM Intimation_TTL_Conversion of Warrants_27.03.2023

Newspaper Advertisement-Postal Ballot e-voting 10.01.2023

Newspaer Advertisement - Outcome of BM held on 14.11.2022

Newspaper Advertisemnt - Corrigendum to PB Notice 01.10.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-Postal Ballot e-voting 18.09.2022

Newspaper Advertisement - Outcome of BM held on 13.02.2023

BM Intimartion_TTL_Allotment of Warrants 30.01.2023

Board Meeting Outcome 13.09.2022

Board Meeting Outcome_allotment of warrants dated 01.01.2023

E-voting result of Postal Ballot Notice dated 06.01.2023

Inprincipal Approval Recieved from Stock Exchange for Preferential Allotment

Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 13.09.2022

TTL_BM Intimation_UFR_December 22

TTL_BM Intimation_UFR_September 2022

TTL_Prior Intimation_FS_June 2022

BSE Intimation for change of Mobile & Email_upload 14.09.2022

Outcome of BM for change in Board Composition 31.10.2022

Outcome of BM_TTL_PB_MD & CFO final 06.01.2023

Postal Ballot Notice_TTL_January 06, 2023_BSE

Resignation MD CFO Saugat 08.12.2022

Resignation of Apeksha Jhadav (ID) 14.09.2022

Scrutniser Report TTL - Postal Ballot (Upload) 11-02-2023

Postal Ballot Notice TTL